Earwax MD launches at Amazon; CVS rollout planned

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DALLAS — Eosera Inc. has launched its Earwax MD earwax removal solution on Amazon Exclusives and plans to roll out the product to CVS Pharmacy stores this summer.

Eosera said Tuesday that is the first retailer to carry Earwax MD. Amazon Exclusives focuses on new and innovative products only sold on Amazon, including items featured on the show “Shark Tank”, according to Eosera.

Earwax MD kit_EoseraEarwax MD comes in two sizes: a kit with a 15-ml bottle of the earwax removal solution and a rinsing bulb, or the single 15-ml bottle only. The product is available with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers.

When Earwax MD was announced earlier this year, Eosera indicated that it would be sold on Amazon and at major chain drug stores.

Elyse Dickerson, founder and chief executive officer of Eosera, said in an email on Tuesday that Earwax MD is slated to hit shelves at CVS drug stores nationwide in August.

“When I met with Amazon, we decided it would be wonderful to launch with them because they reach all consumers,” Dickerson stated. “Our earwax solution will help people worldwide, and Amazon is the first step. By bringing this novel innovation to market, our goal is to improve the lives of both doctors and patients by saving people time and money.”

Eosera describes Earwax MD as the first topical earwax treatment innovation in over 50 years and the health care industry’s first earwax impaction solution to safely and effectively dissolve wax blockage in one application. A patent-pending topical drop, Earwax MD is a proprietary formula with a dual-action technology to dissolve earwax buildup. The company said the solution cuts through lipids and wax and disrupts the skin cells and debris that make up earwax.

In a study, researchers compared Earwax MD with two other leading over-the-counter earwax removal products. Eosera said that after 30 minutes, Earwax MD showed significant disintegration of the wax samples, whereas the competing products showed little change in the wax samples.

Earwax MD also is available for health professionals to use in their office as a medical supply and is now available through Oaktree, Warner Tech and ADCO Hearing.

“Instead of having to dig out earwax, audiologists and hearing aid centers can now fit patients for hearing aids in one visit,” Dickerson added.



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