Eosera launches Earwax MD on Amazon Canada

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FORT WORTH – Eosera Inc. has made its earwax dissolving product, Earwax MD, available in the Canadian market on Amazon.ca.

Eosera said Tuesday that the Canadian market rollout marks the beginning of the company’s international expansion.

On Amazon.ca, the product is available in a kit that includes a 15mL bottle and rinsing bulb. Earwax MD is available on Amazon.ca with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

“We founded Eosera to develop solutions for unmet healthcare needs that would have a global impact. Since launching Earwax MD on Amazon.com in April, we have received considerable interest from Canadian consumers, audiologists, ENTs and other healthcare professionals,” Elyse Dickerson, co-founder and chief executive officer, said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to enter Canada on Amazon.ca so that, from the start, we are available to all Canadians. We are working towards a larger distribution channel in Canada and anticipate availability in retail stores and additional distributors in the future.”

Earwax MD has been stocked in CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide since August and has been part of the U.S. Amazon Exclusives program since April 2017.

“We want to save people from the hassle, time and money needed to go to the doctor to have earwax removed. Canadians can now clean their ears at home, which means fewer visits to the doctor. Audiologists and hearing aid centers can focus on fitting patients for hearing aids, instead of spending extra time removing earwax,” said Joe Griffin, Eosera co-founder and chief scientific officer.

Earwax MD is a topical drop that uses a dual-action technology to quickly cut through lipids and wax and disrupt the skin cells and debris that constitute earwax, Eosera said. The company describes the product as the first topical earwax treatment innovation in decades.



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