After a successful pilot at some stores, Rexall has made the Hemocode food intolerance system available at over 200 of its pharmacy locations in Canada.

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Rexall rolls out food intolerance test

November 21st, 2011

TORONTO – After a successful pilot at some stores, Rexall has made the Hemocode food intolerance system available at over 200 of its pharmacy locations in Canada.

Gemoscan Canada Inc., developer of Hemocode, said Monday that the participating Rexall and Rexall Pharma Plus stores are the exclusive providers of the test in a retail environment in Canada.

The Canadian drug chain, part of Katz Group Canada Ltd., announced plans to introduce Hemocode at selected stores last year, and the food intolerance test is offered at the chain's new Rexall Healthy Living store format.

A finger stick test requiring just a drop of blood, the Hemocode system is designed to determine adverse reactions to 250 common foods and additives that are often mistaken for allergies and manifest themselves in such conditions as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches, sleeplessness and weight imbalance, according to Gemoscan. Results are reviewed by a licensed naturopath and revealed in consultation with a pharmacist.

Consumers receive a detailed report outlining key food intolerances, a personalized food guide including recipes, and a list of daily-recommended vitamins and supplements for a balanced approach to wellness.

"We continuously look for ways to offer our customers valuable patient focused services to help them find treatment and preventative solutions to improve their overall health," Tracey Phillips, national director of pharmacy services, marketing and supply chain at Rexall, said in a statement. "The successful pilot program and positive customer feedback prompted us to expand the program nationally.

"Having the Hemocode food intolerance system available at Rexall locations nationwide provides our customers with quick and easy access to the expertise of a reliable health professional — a Rexall pharmacist — and a helpful tool enabling them to get to the root of their symptoms," Phillips added.

No appointment is needed for the Hemocode test, priced at $450 (Canadian). The patient's blood sample is sent out for analysis and, within seven to 10 days, a Rexall pharmacist will review the results with the patient in person and discuss a plan to eliminate any offending foods plus suggest supplements to replace any nutrients you may miss from those foods. The Hemocode naturopath also is available for further consultation.

"Rexall has always been progressive in finding ways to ensure Canadians live healthier lives," stated Brian Kalish, chief executive officer of Gemoscan Canada. "By making the Hemocode food intolerance system available in a reliable retail setting across the country, millions of Canadians will have ready access to a tool that can help them easily identify foods and additives that may cause them to feel unwell."

Gemoscan reported that nearly 30% of North Americas suffer from a food intolerance or a food additive intolerance. 

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