Contac cold and flu medicine is hitting shelves with a new look for the new year.

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Contac product lineup gets a face-lift

January 28th, 2013

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Contac cold and flu medicine is hitting shelves with a new look for the new year.

Contac's new look is designed to more clearly designate the brand, SKU and symptom relief.

Meda Consumer Healthcare enlisted partner Little Big Brands to lead a redesign of the venerable cold medicine brand and give it a face-lift focused on increasing shopability for the consumer and creating a stronger brand presence in the saturated cold/cough category.

Meda engaged branding partner Little Big Brands to lead the brand redesign.

"Contac was confusing to shop, and that's a real problem when your consumer is likely feeling under the weather to begin with," stated Shanta McGahey, brand manager at Meda Consumer Healthcare. "The new Contac takes a great stride forward to instill confidence in the brand and help consumers feel better faster by getting the right product into their hands quickly."

Contac is available in Daytime relief and Nighttime relief products, as well as a Day/Night combo pack and the new Instant Cooling Relief Liquid. According to Little Big Brands, the daytime nondrowsy product was dominated by dark purple, and the nighttime product by a bright orange. The SKU colors were flipped and bold icons added to top of each pack to clearly designate day and night.

In addition, the branding specialist said, the Contac brand's overall architecture and communication hierarchy was stripped down to drive home brand, SKU and symptom relief so it would be a quick read for the consumer, as well as form a strong brand block and a solid base for the introduction of new products. For instance, the Instant Cooling Relief Liquid line extension was created to align with the base brand but carries the addition of frosty snowflakes to reflect its instant cooling sensation. And the updated Contac logo is true to the original with a bit more action to connote healing.

"Sometimes the most successful redesigns have nothing to do with how much you change, and everything to do with simply changing small elements that aren't working," commented John Nunziato, creative director at Little Big Brands. "This project is a great example of why our partnership with Meda has been so successful, because we have the same goals in mind for their brands: solve challenges for the consumer and increase profitability for the company."

The new packaging is in stores now at major drug and supermarket chains as well as at local and regional retailers.

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