Innovation has started rolling out its new PharmASSIST Dispenser Model 4 to current customers and the pharmacy industry at large.

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Innovation launches new PharmASSIST Dispenser

November 7th, 2013

JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. – Innovation has started rolling out its new PharmASSIST Dispenser Model 4 to current customers and the pharmacy industry at large.

The pharmacy automation provider said Thursday that the Model 4 marks the industry's first medication dispensing technology that can self-calibrate the counting of new medications at a pharmacy.

Behind the PharmASSIST Dispenser Model 4's self-calibration capability is Innovation's patented Falcon Detection technology, which the company said allows the dispenser to count all types of tablet/capsule medications with the highest possible counting accuracy.

"We knew how important the concept of self-calibration of medications was to our customers and the industry," Innovation chief executive officer Mary Reno stated. "Self-calibration is a huge time-saver for pharmacies, enabling their staffs to start counting new medications immediately instead of having to make mechanical adjustments or wait for a new cell to arrive. This is particularly relevant when a branded drug goes generic."

In addition, the Model 4 is made with electrostatically charged plastic, which repeals the naturally occurring dust when handling pills, according to Innovation.

"The Model 4 will take pharmacies to an entirely new level of efficiency, accuracy, patient safety and prescription throughput," Reno commented.

Innovation added that the PharmASSIST Dispenser is a key component of its Pharmacy Intelligence initiatives. The independent smart device stores, counts and dispenses tablet/capsule medications simultaneously within their cabinet-based, robotic and high-volume solutions for all types of pharmacies. The dispenser continuously collects all dispenser activity in tandem with the PharmASSIST Symphony database and provides actionable data to its Pharmacy Intelligence analytical tools. And to foster patient safety, the dispenser employs bar code scanning and strictly enforced software protocols for all dispensing, replenishment, lot code/drug expiry tracking, and drug assignment tasks, the company said.

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