PharmaTrust said its MedCenter remote pharmacy dispensing machines have been called "industry-changing technology" by news network CNN.

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PharmaTrust MedCenters dubbed 'game-changing technology'

August 26th, 2010

OAKVILLE, Ontario – PharmaTrust said its MedCenter remote pharmacy dispensing machines have been called "industry-changing technology" by news network CNN.

The Oakville, Ontario-based company said Wednesday that in a piece airing on Aug. 22, CNN editorial producer Nadia Bilchik explained in her segment on stories happening overseas that the MedCenters would impact the pharmacy industry in a similar way that ATM machines changed the banking world.

"We are excited that CNN took the time to dig deep and understand the differences that make our technology a game-changer," PharmaTrust chief executive Peter Suma said in a statement. "Our early customers, partners and ourselves have recognized the innovative nature of this technology and its potential impact on the pharmacy industry for years, so we're pleased to see it finally receiving global recognition."

MedCenters use advanced robotics, scanning and videoconference technology to connect individuals to a pharmacist in another location, take a digital scan of a prescription, and then count out or select the appropriate medication and release it to the patient, a process controlled remotely by the pharmacist at the other end of the videoconference, according to PharmaTrust.

The company said it has been successfully operating MedCenters in select Ontario locations since 2007. It has an office in Minneapolis, recently opened an office in Britain (where trials of MedCenter are slated to begin this fall) and is set to announce the opening of a Chicago office and Kansas-based data center soon.

"What we are seeing is a global trend of increased need for access to pharmacy services in markets under increasing fiscal pressures," commented Suma. "The PharmaTrust MedCenters create cost efficiencies, broaden the reach of existing pharmacy services and make accessing those services a more convenient, more streamlined process."

PharmaTrust noted that the MedCenter technology, by handling the more technical aspects of the dispensing of prescription, frees up pharmacists to spend more time counseling patients.

"We are exploring many ways that this technology could be adapted to support increased access to quality health care services globally," Suma added. "This is truly just the beginning of where the MedCenter technology could take us."

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