Rocasuba Inc. has extended its product lineup with the debut of an all-natural energy patch.

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Rocasuba unveils homeopathic energy patch

November 14th, 2012

MASHPEE, Mass. – Rocasuba Inc. has extended its product lineup with the debut of an all-natural energy patch.

Rocasuba calls Spot On Energy a safer, healthier alternative to energy drinks, shots and pills.

Called Spot On Energy, the product features a unique patch delivery system that provides an alternative to consumers looking for an energy boost without having to sip or swallow, Rocasuba said Wednesday.

Free of sugar, carbohydrates and preservatives, Spot On Energy is a safer, healthier option to the energy drinks, shots and pills now on the market, the company noted.

Spot On provides up to five hours of energy with its homeopathic formula — which includes naturally derived caffeine, tea extract and zinc — without the calories, chemicals or crash, Rocasuba said.

 "From birth control to nicotine, the use of patches has become increasingly popular as an alternative to ingesting products," stated Rob Trow, chief executive officer of Rocasuba, which also distributes the popular RapidLash products. "Since we're a company that believes in making the lives of our consumers less complicated, we are confident that Spot On's new patch technology will resonate with both men and women who want an easier, healthier answer."

According to Rocasuba, the "Energy That Sticks" passive diffusion technology of Spot On adhesive patches allows consumers to receive energy in smaller doses, without consuming any ingredients that may cause digestive or stomach issues and while supplying sustained, even delivery of energy. Users can wear the patches for 15 minutes or several hours.

The 2.25-inch, clear square patches easily slip into a wallet, pocket or gym bag. Priced at $3.49, each pouch contains two patches, or two applications per pouch.

Rocasuba said Spot On Energy is sold at most national drug store chains and other retailers nationwide, including CVS, Walgreens and Family Dollar Stores.

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