Kerr Drug has completed implementation of the PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS) from PDX-National Health Information Network Inc.

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Capabilities in pharmacy are enhanced by Kerr

March 18th, 2013

RALEIGH, N.C. – Kerr Drug has completed implementation of the PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS) from PDX-National Health Information Network Inc.

The system is intended to improve pharmacy work flow and productivity, provide more patient safety, and enable the retailer to meet increased prescription volume and higher patient care requirements.

“We are investing heavily in our infrastructure,” said Joey Dorsett, vice president and chief information officer at Kerr Drug. “As a regional chain it hasn’t always been possible to be the first adopters of innovative technologies, but it is nonnegotiable that we provide pharmacy services with the best of the best.

“With PDX, we are able to deliver cutting-edge solutions that improve patients’ lives through better technology.”

That technology is said to enable integrated, centralized electronic pharmacy records and to bolster work processes and efficiencies. Kerr notes that the system creates the opportunity for lower labor costs by separating the tasks of the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Staff training was crucial. “We had a team of trainers ensuring that every pharmacy associate mastered the integration of the new system,” said Dorsett. “We knew there would be enormous dividends at the end.”

The rollout of the PDX platform complements Kerr’s earlier mobile pharmacy solution through which smartphone users can refill prescriptions, receive pickup and dosage reminders, and access their prescription history from their mobile devices.

“Kerr Drug delivers cutting-edge solutions to improve our patients’ health and make their lives easier,” commented president and chief executive officer Tony Civello. “The mobile option allows patients to convert their phones into medical wallets to access a wide range of our pharmacy services.”

In another technology initiative the chain has opened a central-fill operation. Civello says the central-fill unit will be leveraged with such other Kerr Drug offerings as medication synchronization for chronic medications as well as medication adherence, preventive care and patient education.

“It’s not just about labor savings and inventory reductions; the use of these technologies is critical to remaining a player in the emerging health care ecosystem,” Civello said.