Fruth Pharmacy will soon mark the opening of its second location in Ironton, Ohio, and its 27th store overall.

Fruth Pharmacy, 27th store, Lynne Fruth, Jim Staley, 340B Contract Pharmacy provider

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Respected independent passes torch to Fruth Pharmacy

April 22nd, 2013

IRONTON, Ohio – Fruth Pharmacy will soon mark the opening of its second location in Ironton, Ohio, and its 27th store overall.

A celebration is planned for April 29 through May 1 with grand-opening specials.

The chain bought the downtown Third Street outlet from Jim Staley. When Staley was considering retirement, he spoke with Fruth chairman and president Lynne Fruth about the possibility of selling one of his two stores to the chain. The Ninth Street store would be closed.

“I have so much respect for him,” Fruth said. “His primary concern was to make sure someone would continue to take care of his patients at the same level they had provided for the last 65 years, and what would happen to his employees. It was important that his family-owned business continue as a family-owned business.”

All employees of Staley’s two pharmacies, including Jim and his sister Dee, were offered positions with Fruth Pharmacy. Most accepted. Employees could choose between the Third Street unit or Fruth’s four-month-old store on State Route 141, across from St. Mary’s Hospital.

On March 16 Staley’s green and white colors changed to red, white and blue with the hanging of the new Fruth capsule sign. With a weekend to renovate and open, changes were made quickly in order to benefit Staley’s customers.

To preserve the outlet’s historic feel, Fruth has maintained many of the original fixtures. An indoor telephone booth, as well as built-in display cabinet­ry, was kept in the renovation plans. There is fresh paint and new flooring and display shelves, and expanded gift and grocery areas let customers pick up additional items with their prescriptions.

“It was a great opportunity for us,” stated Fruth. “When we opened our first store in Ironton in November of last year we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. Customers were excited and happy to be shopping in our store.

“We felt welcomed wholeheartedly in the Ironton community. It is exciting to now have two convenient locations for our Ironton customers.”

In addition, Fruth Pharmacy serves as the 340B Contract Pharmacy provider for the Lawrence County Community Action Organization, a system of family medical centers with over 13,000 patients. Both Fruth and the organization are dedicated to improving the lives of patients in the community.