IRI Illness Tracking identifies cough/cold, allergy sufferers

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CHICAGO — IRI has partnered with Symphony Health to launch IRI Illness Tracking, a solution that pinpoints consumers who suffer from cough, cold, flu and allergy symptoms over the course of the year.

IRI said the new service will offer cutting-edge tracking capabilities for the U.S. population affected by respiratory and allergy symptoms, which can help companies improve their resource allocation, activation programs and return on investment for products in these seasonal categories.

Plans call for IRI Illness Tracking to become available this month, just before the start of flu season.

“The launch of IRI Illness Tracking signifies a much-needed innovation in the OTC marketplace,” according to Bob Sanders, executive vice president of IRI’s Health Care Practice.

“For manufacturers and retailers, ‘winning the season’ requires more accurate, granular, integrated and timely insights, and that is exactly what IRI Illness Tracking offers,” Sanders noted. “With improved forecasting, granularity and data integration, companies will be able to enhance their efforts in everything from supply chain management and customer engagement to media optimization.”

By integrating anonymized illness incidence data from Symphony Health with IRI’s point-of-sale and consumer shopper data, companies will gain better and more timely insights into seasonal categories, helping them more efficiently plan, activate and measure their results, IRI explained.

IRI Illness Tracking also will enable users to combine insights from all other IRI solutions, including IRI ShopperSights, IRI Consumer and Shopper Insights Advantage and IRI Media Advantage, creating a robust and comprehensive activation platform, the consumer packaged goods market research and analytics firm said.

IRI is teaming with Symphony Health to roll out the integrated IRI Illness Tracking service on the IRI Liquid Data platform, currently in use by more than 500 clients.

“IRI Illness Tracking is a further demonstration of IRI’s strategy and commitment to drive client growth by bringing all data sets under one platform,” Sanders added.


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