Mueller Sports Medicine brings PFTape to more retailers

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The patented taping system is designed to alleviate the heel and arch pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis. It features two precut, patterned pieces of self-adhering tape that control the stress of the arch and provide added stability to the foot.

Its thin profile — just the thickness of the tape — enables all-day use and can be worn with any shoe. The one-time-use, disposable tape is applied in three easy steps, and each package comes with seven complete applications, covering seven days of relief. One size fits all, and the tape strips can be applied to either the right or left foot.

Mueller noted that the therapeutic support provided by the PFTape system replaces bulky alternatives for relieving plantar faciitis, such as night splints, straps and specialty insoles.

“Plantar fasciitis is an increasingly nagging ailment that many individuals — from the avid runner to the daily walker — are often plagued with,” stated John Fritsch, director of product development at Mueller Sports Medicine. “Looking at the current solutions available, many are often uncomfortable, too bulky or simply ineffective.”



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