Patients of Kerr Drug improved their use of blood pressure medication through an adherence program developed by Pleio Health Support Systems Inc.

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Kerr Drug gets results with Rx adherence program

October 14th, 2010

MONTREAL – Patients of Kerr Drug improved their use of blood pressure medication through an adherence program developed by Pleio Health Support Systems Inc.

The health solution provider said Thursday that an analysis of prescription data collected by Kerr over two years showed that patients who participated in a free medication follow-up service offered by their Kerr pharmacy took an average of 84 additional doses of their blood pressure medication over their first 18 months of therapy compared with a similar control group.

Under the Pleio GoodStart program, Kerr customers ages 40 to 70 improved adherence to a once-daily blood pressure medication regimen through phone-based coaching, daily voice and text message reminders, and medication therapy management (MTM) services carried out by Kerr pharmacists.

Montreal-based Pleio said patients were enrolled into the program by Kerr pharmacists shortly after picking up their prescriptions, and most patients stayed with the program until the end of the service 100 days later.

"Pleio was able to make our pharmacists equal partners in this project, while rolling out new technology and medication adherence expertise that helped amplify Kerr's interest in adherence and our belief in our pharmacists," Mark Gregory, chief operating officer of Kerr Drug, said in a statement.

The results stem from 30 months of prescription data for 547 patients gathered from Kerr pharmacies from January 2008 to June 2010. Patients of comparable age and sex were selected for the 670-person control group. Kerr has 90 drug stores across North Carolina.

Pleio reported that as a result of the program, men refilled an average of four additional prescriptions and women refilled an average of two more prescriptions over the 18-month period.

"The Kerr GoodStart project was one of our first multichannel programs, and we were very lucky to work with a chain like Kerr with a reputation in adherence of a leading innovator," stated Mark Connors, co-chief executive officer of Pleio. "It's great to offer a service that helps so many people simply take their heart medication the way that their doctors prescribed."

Pleio said it partners with pharmacy chains in 48 states and three Canadian provinces to deliver GoodStart programs, which are designed to help boost medication adherence through prescription refill trend analysis, management of medication adherence protocols, execution of programmable text and voice messaging, and live patient contact services.

The company added that it plans to release more details on Pleio GoodStart results at the Patient Engagement and Adherence Conference in Philadelphia on Oct. 19.