Katz Group's Rexall pharmacy chain has opened the first locations of a new store prototype designed specifically to help customers promote health and well-being.

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Rexall unveils Healthy Living Pharmacy format

October 21st, 2010

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – Katz Group's Rexall pharmacy chain has opened the first locations of a new store prototype designed specifically to help customers promote health and well-being.

The Canadian drug store retailer this week unveiled the Rexall Healthy Living Pharmacy format in six stores — Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Bradford and Milton, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; and Kelowna, British Columbia — and plans to open another location in Kelowna next spring.

Ranging from 11,000 to 17,000 square feet and offering thousands of more SKUs than a traditional pharmacy, the Rexall Healthy Living stores emphasize disease management and prevention, providing customers with more than 200 health information touch points; new staff, tools and services; and one of Canada's widest assortments of skin care and dermatological brands, according to the company.

"This new prototype is a fresh approach to pharmacy care, and we believe that our customers and patients will experience the difference in every corner of the store," Rexall chief executive officer Andy Giancamilli said in a statement. "It provides an opportunity to bridge the gap in patient care by providing greater support and accessibility to disease state management and disease prevention. We not only have the ability to help our patients with valuable pharmacy programs and primary care, but also help them make healthy product and lifestyle choices."

A centerpiece of the concept is the Healthy Living Advisor, which Rexall described as a "health and customer experience ambassador." An extension of the pharmacy team, the advisor has specialized training in the areas of health, nutrition and fitness and works with the pharmacists and Derm Consultant to assist customers with product selection.

Past the format's Health Feature Wall, which highlights the most common health states, and the Healthy Living Advisor Station, where the advisor helps customers with product selections, is the Rexall Healthy Living Patient Interactive Terminal, a touch-screen
kiosk providing on-demand health information, ranging from general health topics to information on over-the-counter medications.

Rexall noted that with the Healthy Living concept, it has made it easier for customers to shop with health and wellness in mind by rezoning core health sections and modernizing the look and feel of the store, as well as by taking a solution-based approach to store design and product selection. An increased level of interactivity between store staff and customers also can be found throughout the format.

For example, the Derm Centre skin care area is located at the front of the store. Focused on skin health, the section carries one of the nation's broadest arrays of skin care and dermatological brands, such as Vichy, Leirac, Guarraud Paris, Galenic and Roc.

The beauty area is focused on providing customers with an expanded dermatological product assortment plus an expanded cosmetic and personal care offering. To aid customers in making the beauty product selections, the new format allows customers to sample items in the Derm, Cosmetic, Nail (where there's a nail bar) and Fragrance sections. A Wet Play Station helps customers with cleanup so they can easily continue shopping after a beauty product trial. Also, with the Dermo Analyzer interactive skin analysis tool, the Derm Consultant can help customers identify potential problem areas on their skin as well as devise a custom skin care regime.

In the pharmacy area, the Healthy Living stores offer a number of health and wellness programs and services, including the following:

• Replenish & Renew, which advises patients of nutrients their medications might be
depleting in their body and includes helpful advice on the right supplements to keep them healthy.

• Hemocode, a simple blood test that helps identify foods that may be creating digestive or other health issues. With their results, patients receive a personalized Hemocode System Guide that includes a food chart, customized recipe book, monthly newsletter as well as ongoing support from knowledgeable medical staff.

• Bpro, a blood pressure diagnostic test that goes beyond the normal brachial blood pressure "cuff" test by measuring Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP), which enables a cardiologist to determine how well a person's blood pressure-lowering drugs are working and how stiff their arteries are.

• Antibiotic Follow-up, an outbound calling program aimed at providing patients with an
adherence reminder for antibiotic prescriptions. Calls are made to all patients who pick up a new antibiotic prescription in participating stores.

• Rexall Reminder Ready, an automatic prescription renewal service that calls customers to let them know when prescriptions are ready for pickup.

Healthy Living stores also feature an expanded product assortment with a focus on healthy product options, especially vitamins, nutrition, OTC, natural product and skin care categories. The company said that 3,500 to 5,000 SKUs have been added to the Healthy Living store versus a traditional pharmacy.

In addition, Rexall said, the new format houses a wider, more spacious store layout that "provides customers with a direct path to the pharmacy." The front end of the store is divided into four core zones color-coded for easy navigation: Healthy Living (green); Beauty, including Derm (light blue) and Cosmetics (pink); and Convenience (orange).

Convenience items also have been positioned closer to the front of the store, which features a new Media Corner area as well as streamlined checkout counters for a more efficient flow of customer traffic, the retailer said. The Convenience grocery area offers healthy foods, a natural cleaners and detergents section, eco-friendly options and pet products, while the Media Corner provides an enhanced magazine, books, DVD and multimedia selection.