Rite Aid Corp. is taking in-store marketing to another dimension with the rollout of customer rewards kiosks featuring 3D holographic videos.

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Rite Aid to deploy 3D holographic rewards kiosks

June 4th, 2013

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Rite Aid Corp. is taking in-store marketing to another dimension with the rollout of customer rewards kiosks featuring 3D holographic videos.

Provision Interactive Technologies Inc. said Tuesday that it has entered into a multiyear deal to install its 3D Reward Centers in Rite Aid stores. Beside generating 3D holographic videos, the kiosks provide access to information on wellness+, the drug chain's customer rewards program, and on the retailer's promotions.

The 3D Reward Center kiosks will enable marketers to showcase their products in 3D images while giving customers access to rewards, promotions and coupons.

Plans call for 3D Reward Centers to be deployed in 200 Rite Aid stores in the Los Angeles and New York markets. The first phase of the rollout will include the integration of Rite Aid's wellness+ program, enabling members to access their account details and load digital coupons to their cards for instant savings while in the stores, according to Provision.

With the successful integration of wellness+ in the kiosks at the 200 stores, Provision and Rite Aid will set up a phased rollout schedule for more stores.

Rite Aid piloted the 3D Reward Center kiosks at 10 stores in the Los Angeles and New York markets last year.

"These kiosks provide convenient access for our wellness+ members to better maximize the value they can get from our program, providing meaningful savings right at the point of purchase on featured products and services advertised on the Provision network," Craig Riner, vice president of marketing at Rite Aid, said in a statement. "They also represent another way we are trying to leverage technology in our stores to create a more engaging experience for our customers."

The 3D Reward Centers contain Provision's 3D holographic display — which the company said has been proven to generate a lot of attention from shoppers — plus a 2D interactive touchscreen that lets customers access wellness+ information and Rite Aid promotions, rewards, coupons and product samples. Brand marketers will be able to showcase their products via 3D advertising and engage viewers via the touchscreen interface.

In addition, the kiosks can print coupon offers, enabling Rite Aid and other advertisers to offer customers sales influencers at the point of purchase, Provision noted.

The 3D holographic display projects videos in front of the screen without the need for any special glasses and without eye stress, the company said.

"Our partnership with Rite Aid is a milestone for us and a value-add for Rite Aid customers," stated Curt Thornton, president and chief executive officer of Provision. "Rite Aid customers will enjoy an engaging 3D holographic experience and be immediately rewarded with coupons, promotions, and other giveaways for both in-store products and wellness related local professional services, such as doctors, dentists and optometrists."