Kmart pharmacies are adopting messaging solutions from LDM Group's pharmacy network to bolster patient-pharmacist communication.

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Kmart joins pharmacy communications network

September 6th, 2013

ST. LOUIS – Kmart pharmacies are adopting messaging solutions from LDM Group's pharmacy network to bolster patient-pharmacist communication.

LDM said Friday that plans call for Kmart's more than 870 pharmacies nationwide to implement the health care communications firm's PharmacistCare and CarePoints messaging services, with the goal of improving medication adherence and patient health outcomes.

An automated, real-time intervention solution, PharmacistCare helps pharmacy staff keep up to date on new industry developments and provide education that will improve pharmacist-patient dialogue, according to LDM. The solution delivers messages directly to pharmacists in their workflow, including updates on new products, indications, strengths or dosing, formulary updates, coverage updates, and awareness of patient programs and savings opportunities.

CarePoints provides personalized messages that are printed in real time and distributed by pharmacy staff to patients, along with their prescriptions. LDM said the targeted message is based on current therapy and medication history that includes information about the patient's prescription and the condition being treated. The solution is integrated with the pharmacy system and delivered as part of the pharmacy workflow.

LDM noted that CarePoints messages can include educational, adherence and financial incentives to positively change patient behavior, and retail pharmacy operators like Kmart can use the solution to communicate to patients about in-house health services, promotions and private-label products.

"Kmart has continuously shown that it represents a strong leader in the industry and we are extremely pleased that they have joined our rapidly expanding retail network," Mark Heinold, chief executive officer of LDM Group, said in a statement. "Kmart’s continued focus on operational effectiveness, combined with its desire to enhance patient's experiences in their pharmacies, will allow us to continue providing pharmacists and patients with trusted health information and ultimately improving overall health outcomes."

Connecting prescribers, pharmacists and patients, LDM's network encompasses electronic prescribing, electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) applications along with chain drug stores, independent pharmacies, and sponsors of health care-related educational materials.