Duane Reade said it has become Twitter's most followed retail chain in the drug, food and mass retail segment worldwide.

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Duane Reade leads retail field on Twitter

September 19th, 2013

NEW YORK – Duane Reade said it has become Twitter's most followed retail chain in the drug, food and mass retail segment worldwide.

The metropolitan New York drug chain, part of Walgreen Co., reported Wednesday that to date since September 2012, it has organically grown its Twitter following by 6,709%, making it one of the world's fastest-growing retail accounts on the social media site year over year.

Duane Reade noted that its growth prompted Twitter to produce a case study showcasing the retailer's social media milestones and digital marketing strategies.

To boost its social media presence, the chain said it employs a marketing strategy dubbed "parallel persuasion," which aims to generate return on investment via omnichannel engagement embracing brand advocacy, brand voice, public relations integration and conversation relevance.

"This social milestone is all about our customers and represents the ability and focus we have to seamlessly reach them whenever and wherever they are with useful content they crave and now have come to expect via effective two-way communications," Calvin Peters, digital communications manager at Duane Reade, said in a statement. "Our goal has been social community building and expanding relevant engagement to enhance our overall customer experience, achieving this while also creating social communication vehicles that can generate tangible ROI results for both corporate and vendor initiatives have proven successful."

For example, the retailer said its consumer-generated media focused "Get Social" program had a Promoted Tweet engagement rate of more than 4% and generated over 3 billion digital impressions year over year, which led to increased sales and bolstered ROI. That included a 28% rise in sales of Duane Reade Legwear via the chain's #DRLegwear "Show Us Some Leg" social amplification vendor campaign.

Over the same period, the industry experienced a 5% decline in sales of those products. Post-campaign performance numbers for the vendor, Doris International Hosiery Mills, included a sales gain of 21% year over year as of July.

"We are extremely proud of these achievements, as they are reflection of Duane Reade as an iconic New York City retailer, our amazing omnichannel customers and engaged social media community," stated Deepika Pandey, vice president of digital marketing and customer experience for Walgreens. "We're already focused on attracting our next million followers and increasing our community engagement across all owned platforms to continue having important and relevant conversations with our core customers."