OneStopMeds a powerful new tool for Rexall pharmacists

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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Rexall Health and Ateb Canada Ltd. are partnering on a medication synchronization program aimed at improving medication adherence and health outcomes for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

The service, OneStopMeds, uses Ateb technology to help Rexall’s pharmacists coordinate a patient’s prescriptions so each is refilled on the same day of the month, the partners said.

“OneStopMeds expands the ability of Rexall pharmacists to more closely focus on managing a patient’s overall health rather than just their individual prescriptions. It also is a tool that enables patients to be even more engaged in managing their health,” said Jürgen Schreiber, president and chief executive officer of Rexall Health.

The focus on proactive interventions provides Rexall’s pharmacists with an opportunity to offer additional patient services, the company said. OneStopMeds will be available through 445 Rexall pharmacies in Canada.

The program utilizes Ateb’s med sync solution, Time My Meds, which it developed to simplify the procurement of prescription drugs by patients.

“Through the collaboration of two market leaders, we can harness our strengths to demonstrate how technology can improve patient health outcomes and make a significant impact on the Canadian health care landscape,” said Ateb president and CEO Frank Sheppard. “By leveraging Ateb’s predictive analytics and data integration, Ateb’s intuitive platform enables our retail pharmacy partners to reinforce positive patient behaviors, drive sustained patient medication adherence and provide them with a strategic, sustainable program.”

Rexall and Ateb cited research supporting the potential benefits of a med sync program for pharmacy patients. For example, out of 100 prescriptions written, only 65 make it to the pharmacy, and of those just 15 are refilled as prescribed. And a study released last year showed that pharmacies achieved almost 91% medication compliance for patients enrolled in a med sync program.



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