SmartGuard Dental Guard hits shelves at CVS stores

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LAYTON, Utah — SmartGuard Rx Inc. has landed retail distribution for its SmartGuard Dental Guard at nearly 6,400 CVS Pharmacy stores.

SmartGuard Dental GuardSmartGuard Rx said Wednesday that SmartGuard Dental Guard provides a one-size-fits-all solution for bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) and the jaw joint disorders TMJ/TMD, helping users overcome the associated symptoms, which may include inability to sleep, migraines, tooth sensitivity, TMJ headaches, jaw pain, damage to teeth, and neck and/or shoulder pain.

SmartGuard Dental Guard can be molded at home to comfortably fit any mouth in less than 15 minutes, eliminating the need for a lengthy office visit. Most dental guards cover the back teeth, which can lead to increased clenching, whereas the SmartGuard covers just the front teeth, reducing clenching forces of the jaw while you sleep, according to the company.

“Virtually all other over-the-counter night guards that cover the back teeth can encourage MORE clenching,” stated Dr. David Spainhower, the dentist who invented the SmartGuard Dental Guard. “That’s why I’m so excited to be able to introduce SmartGuard which utilizes the same technology I use to treat my patients who suffer with TMJ and jaw pain. It is available over-the-counter and can save patients hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars.”

The patented design of the SmartGuard Dental Guard prevents the back teeth from coming into contact, which can reduce clenching forces of the jaw by up to 60% as the user sleeps, the company said.

The SmartGuard is also sold at more than 500 other stores across the country, including Bartell Drugs, Lewis Drug, Fruth Pharmacy, Kinney Drugs, Weis Markets and ShopRite, as well as online at Walgreens.com, Target.com and Amazon.com.


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