WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corp. offers over-the-counter medications that consumers have relied on for decades.

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WellSpring grows product lineup

July 6th, 2010

SARASOTA, Fla. – WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corp. offers over-the-counter medications that consumers have relied on for decades.

The company’s Emetrol, for instance, has been on the market for 60 years and is recognized by generations of consumers for the relief of upset stomach associated with nausea due to overindulgence in food and drink. Pharmacist recommended, Emetrol contains no salicylates, antihistamines, alcohol or caffeine.

A recent Pharmacy Times survey of pharmacists across the country showed that 61% of them recommend the product for patients with nausea. In another OTC survey of over 2000 member pharmacists of the American Pharmacist Association, for the fifth year in a row, Emetrol was the No. 1 pharmacist-recommended OTC product for upset stomach and nausea.

Micatin antifungal cream is an established, well-known consumer brand in the foot care section. The product cures athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm. It relieves the itching, burning, scaling and discomfort associated with these conditions.

The company’s Gelusil has been used by consumers for more than 70 years as a stomach remedy. One of the antacid category’s most recognizable names, Gelusil quickly neutralizes stomach acid fast and relieves the bloating and gas pressure discomfort that is often associated with heartburn, says Sean Griffin, the company’s director of sales and marketing for consumer brands.

In the third quarter of 2010, WellSpring is rolling out what he says is “a compelling new package design that communicates this unique heartburn/gas relief” combo of alumina, magnesia and simethicone formula. It also will call out its unique and convenient foil dose pack packaging on the updated carton.

WellSpring is entering into the skin care category with Barriere Multi-Use Skin Protectant Cream. Barriere is marketed by the company in Canada and will be new to the U.S.
Griffin says that Barriere silicone skin cream has been recommended by doctors, pharmacists and dermatologists for more than 30 years in Canada. The product is an effective, multiuse protective cream, he says, that is popular with a wide array of consumers and can even be used to protect infant’s skin from diaper rash.

WellSpring has a strong heritage to draw from in the skin care category. “Our Glaxal Base moisturizing cream,” Griffin says, “is the moisturizer most-recommended by Canadian pharmacists to their patients.” Glaxal Base Cream and Lotion will be coming to the U.S. soon.

Griffin says that both products, like WellSpring itself, go beyond simply soothing symptoms, creating what he says is “a foundation for a better, healthier you.”

That emphasis on improving people’s health and offering high-quality products is a hallmark of the company which was founded in 1999 by Robert Vukovich.

“I founded WellSpring on simple yet solid principles: maintenance of quality products using business and pharmaceutical industry expertise while maintaining a profound interest in and care for our customers,” Vukovich says. “Our commitment to consumers ensures they will benefit from our adherence to the most rigorous standards of quality control for all of our products — this is the standard for which WellSpring is known.”

To help consumers better understand the conditions that its products address and to raise awareness of its brands, WellSpring is sponsoring the “Nausea & Vomiting: A Mom’s Guide for the Family” feature on the WebMD web site. The guide features tips for mothers about the causes of nausea and how to manage it, with treatment advice.

In conjunction with the sponsorship, the company will run a full-page, freestanding insert later this year promoting Emetrol and its antacid/antigas product, Gelusil. Scheduled to run on Oct. 31 the insert will feature a half-page on each product and will offer 75 cents-off coupons for both brands.