KidZerts has introduced what the company calls the first wear-moldable arch support insoles for children.

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KidZerts unveils moldable arch support insoles for children

September 1st, 2010

SAN DIEGO – KidZerts has introduced what the company calls the first wear-moldable arch support insoles for children.

The company said this week that the KidZerts insoles slowly mold to the unique contours of the bottom of children's feet. The product was designed by a team that included KidZerts co-founder Melissa Kumler, a podiatrist, a pedorthist and specialists in the manufacturing of insoles, who recognized that most children's insoles lack features key to kids' foot health and development.

Most shoe companies, KidZerts noted, consider a thin, flat layer of foam suitable as an insert for children's shoes, which led the company to see the need for features to stabilize and comfort their growing feet, including an arch support, a stabilizing heel cup and cushioning.

KidZerts insoles feature an EVA moldable sublayer that will gradually mold to the child's foot while he or she wears it, an antimicrobial top cover that kills odor-causing bacteria and wicks moisture, a heel cup for stability and alignment, a broad heel seat for additional foot comfort, a beveled forefoot for a smooth transition and a moderate arch for support and alignment.

According to the company, the KidZerts' doctor-recommended contoured design allows contact with the entire arch, spreading the body'’s weight over the entire base of the foot. That stands to help prevent children from being heel-strikers or overpronators, which can cause foot pain and injuries later in life.

The arch support insoles also will provide support for the child's arch during strenuous activities like running and jumping, and extra cushion to the heel to help shock absorption, KidZerts added. A large adhesive strip is located on the bottom of the insole so that it can be securely placed inside a shoe.

"These insoles have all the features that make up a healthy arch support insole for children," commented Dr. Jeffrey Hurless, a podiatrist and foot/ankle surgeon.

KidZerts is seeking more retailers to carry the product, which is currently only available specialty footwear stores.