Pfizer Consumer Healthcare has kicked off the Advil Congestion Relief Project, an effort to alleviate real problems in communities nationwide.

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Pfizer's Advil aims to relieve congestion in communities

November 16th, 2011

MADISON, N.J. – Pfizer Consumer Healthcare has kicked off the Advil Congestion Relief Project, an effort to alleviate real problems in communities nationwide.

Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner helped unveil a new library in the Bronx, N.Y., at the first stop of the Advil Congestion Relief Project.

The cold and flu medicine brand said Wednesday that the initiative puts a twist on its tagline, "The Right Relief for the Real Problem," by visiting communities around the country to provide literal congestion relief to problems ranging from undersupplied schools, congested traffic lanes and more.

In its first relief stop, the Advil Congestion Relief Project unveiled a new library at P.S. 130 in the New York City borough of the Bronx in tandem with New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner. Pfizer said the "newly decongested library" brings improved access to computers and books.

The Advil Congestion Relief Project made a donation to support P.S. 130 through The Fund for Public Schools, a nonprofit group dedicated to improving New York City's public schools by attracting private investment in school reform and encouraging greater involvement by all New Yorkers in the education of children.

"It’s great to be part of an initiative that is benefiting kids in one of my favorite cities, New York," Gardner said in a statement. "It's so important for kids to have a good education, and this renovated library provided by the Advil Congestion Relief Project will give kids easier access to computers and books, which help makes learning fun."

Next month, the Advil Congestion Relief Project will go to Chicago, and in early 2012 the brand will visit communities identified by consumers. Pfizer is encouraging consumers to go online to to explain the congestion relief their community needs for the chance to win a prize worth up to $30,000 for your community.

"We are passionate about providing the right relief for the real problem for consumers wherever they need it, from their noses to their communities," commented Kristin Shea, franchise lead for upper respiratory and allergy at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. "We're excited to be hitting the road with the Advil Congestion Relief Project this cold and flu season and look forward to seeing the stories our consumers will share with us about their communities."

Advil Congestion Relief is designed to treat what's often the real cause of sinus congestion — swelling due to nasal inflammation — so people can breathe easier, according to Pfizer.