Energizer Personal Care said its Schick brand will "revolutionize" women's shaving with next year's introduction of the Hydro Silk razor.

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Schick set to launch Hydro Silk women's razor

December 12th, 2011

SHELTON, Conn. – Energizer Personal Care said its Schick brand will "revolutionize" women's shaving with next year's introduction of the Hydro Silk razor.

Energizer said Monday that the Schick Hydro Silk razor provides an extra level of care for the skin by replacing moisture that shaving can take away. The women's razor combines "breakthrough technology" delivering a proprietary, water-activated moisturizing serum that hydrates skin with each shaving stroke along with patented 5 Curve Sensing Blades and Skin Guard features that protect and care for sensitive skin.

Plans call for Schick Hydro Silk to ship in January to supermarkets, drug stores and mass market retailers nationwide. The product will carry a retail price of $9.99 for the razor and $14.99 for a four-count refill.

Key innovations of the Schick Hydro Silk razor include the following:

• Moisturizing serum that activates with water to help replenish skin's natural moisture throughout each shave. The company said the razor's advanced lubricating reservoir "is more than a reinvention of the traditional lubricating strip — it is a totally re-engineered system to be more effective, delivering soothing lubricating ingredients while hydrating the skin."

• 5 Curve-Sensing Blades that are individually mounted to the cartridge, enabling the specially designed blade tips to flow smoothly over a woman's skin contours and provide a closer shave. Energizer noted that Hydro Silk represents Schick's first five-blade razor for women.

• Unique Skin Guards on the top of each blade help smooth the skin while shaving, in turn reducing irritation.

• Compact oval cartridge shape allows the razor head to easily fit into sensitive and/or hard-to-reach areas plus easily maneuver around curves and contours.

• An ergonomic and soft aqueous handle that Schick said "is as easy to control and maneuver around curves as it is attractive."

"Shaving is an essential part of the female skin care ritual, but is often overlooked. For most women their beauty regimen begins in the shower by preparing their skin by cleaning it, but also shaving it. The shaving process is a big factor in achieving that transformation to beautiful, silky smooth, radiant skin," commented Matthew Rader, senior brand manager at Energizer Personal Care. "The new Schick Hydro Silk razor transforms the shaving experience. This razor delivers moisturization when women need it most in their skin care ritual, during the gentle exfoliation process of shaving. The Hydro Silk razor takes shaving from just a chore to the ultimate way to complement a skin care routine."