Nutress Hair Products are now available at select Walgreens drug stores nationwide.

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Nutress hits shelves at Walgreens stores

June 26th, 2012

LOS ANGELES – Nutress Hair Products are now available at select Walgreens drug stores nationwide.

Nutress said Tuesday that the five most popular offerings in its product line are on shelves in 400 Walgreens stores.

The Nutress hair care line — including a selection of shampoos, conditioners, an enhancer and a foam wrap lotion — is known for outstanding results for salon and home use, according to the company, which added that it chooses premium ingredients over fancy packaging to keep the products effective and affordable.

Providing access to the product line through a retailer such as Walgreens is key for African-American women, who as a group are among the highest spenders on hair care products but also face great economic challenges, Nutress said.

"We're passionate about our role in helping women lead better lives by tackling one of the costliest aspects of their personal care regimen," stated Reggie Brown, president and owner of Nutress Hair Products. "In our small way, we feel we're contributing to their quality of life by addressing both the economic and performance challenges of hair care. A large part of feeling your best is looking your best, and Nutress Hair products deliver exceptional results without depleting precious funds needed for daily living."

Nutress noted that it's the originator of protein conditioning in the United States, and its products are designed to be multipurpose and work well on relaxed or natural hair, extensions and colored-treated hair.

"Today's modern woman looks for quality, performance and value," commented Angela McTair, general manager and head of research and development at Nutress. "By educating women on making the right choices for their hair, they can finally get the results they're looking for."

Added Brown, "Our brand perfectly aligns with Walgreens' commitment of providing access to quality products and services to all communities in which it operates."