NüVo Condoms has announced the return of its NüVo Quarterback Protection Plan marketing campaign.

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NüVo Condoms brings quarterbacks more protection

September 7th, 2012

OCEANSIDE, N.Y. – NüVo Condoms has announced the return of its NüVo Quarterback Protection Plan marketing campaign.

The company said Friday that for the 2012 NFL season that in addition to giving a supply of NüVo Condoms to the quarterback that is sacked the most each week, NüVo will also give a donation of 1,000 condoms to that city.

Also, NüVo Condoms has partnered this season with AIDS United to help with the national distribution.

"We're excited to partner with NüVo Condoms. I'm thrilled to be giving our quarterbacks 'extra protection,' " commented Vignetta Charles, senior vice president of AIDS United. "With our network of partners, we can use the impact of powerful defensive plays that sack a quarterback into opportunities for access to one of our most impactful defenses against the spread of HIV — condoms."

NüVo Condoms are sold at Duane Reade drug stores, select Walgreens stores and regional drug chains as well as online at CVS.com, drugstore.com and Amazon.com.

Described as a "challenger brand," NüVo Condoms sport urban, edgy packaging to promote NüVo's message of having a positive, fun yet responsible approach to sexuality and sexual relationships.

Alex Smith, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, took the title as the winner of the 2011 NFL NüVo Protection Plan, since he was the most sacked quarterback in the NFL.

NüVo Condoms added that it deploys a number of programs to get the word out about having fun in a safe and responsible manner, distributing more than 400,000 free condoms in 2011 alone. The brand said it also has helped celebrities and athletes such as Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Jim Thome, Tom Brady and others stay protected during their "times of need" by providing a generous supply of NüVo Condoms.