Kirby Lester has expanded its pharmacy automation lineup with the new KL100 midsize dispensing robot.

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Kirby Lester unveils midsize dispensing robot

February 6th, 2013

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – Kirby Lester has expanded its pharmacy automation lineup with the new KL100 midsize dispensing robot.

The company said Wednesday that the KL100 brings a new level of efficiency and medication safety to higher-volume retail/outpatient pharmacies and central fill facilities.

According to Kirby Lester, 50% or more of a pharmacy's total daily orders can be easily handled by the KL100, and the unit's FillSafe solution allows the pharmacist to completely control the security of the refill process.

During medication replenishment, the KL100 employs the unique FillSafe security system, which is designed to eliminate any chance of dispensing from a cassette that was not authorized by a pharmacist.

At 59 inches deep, the KL100 is smaller than most pharmacy robots and easily fits into an existing floor plan without the need for renovation, Kirby Lester said. And on top of automating 100 of a pharmacy's top-moving tablets and capsules, the KL100 provides an elevated capacity for pharmacies seeking to automate a higher number of SKUs.

Users are able to fill, label and present complete orders in about 30 seconds.

Kirby Lester added that with the KL100 joining its KL60 compact pharmacy robot, the company provides "right-sized" dispensing technology for pharmacies dispensing from 150 up to 2,000 scripts per day.

"We are very pleased to incorporate the new KL100 into the Kirby Lester suite of automation products," stated Kirby Lester president and chief executive officer Garry Zage. "The KL100 is positioned perfectly for pharmacies looking to automate for the first time or to replace large, cumbersome and older technologies. All the safety, efficiency and affordability of the KL60 robot now has the expanded capacity of 100 drugs in the KL100."