Alcon has gone live with a new mobile website that aims to educate parents about commonly prescribed eye and ear treatments.

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Alcon serves up mobile eye/ear care resource

March 21st, 2013

FORT WORTH, Texas – Alcon has gone live with a new mobile website that aims to educate parents about commonly prescribed eye and ear treatments.

The eye care company, a subsidiary of Novartis, said Thursday that it has launched DROPS101 Web Tools, designed to be a one-stop resource to help parents balance their on-the-go lifestyle with the responsibility of caring for a sick child.

Parents can use DROPS101 for immediate prescription savings and Alcon product information while online or via their mobile devices as they wait in line at the pharmacy.

According to Alcon, DROPS101 Web Tools provides parents with user-friendly digital access to information on how to manage the effective treatment of two common child ailments: swimmers ear (acute otitis externa) and middle-ear infection with tubes (acute otitis media in pediatric patients with tympanostomy tubes), and bacterial eye infections (pink eye).

Patient-managed customization tools on the site include on-the-spot prescription savings that parents can take to the pharmacy counter with the flash of a smartphone or tablet; dosing instructions and games to help occupy and reward children during or after drop administration; and options for parents to share tools with other parents via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

"We heard from parents that they needed a one-click resource for prescribed eye and ear treatments. When we developed DROPS101, our goal was to improve communication between health care professionals and patients," stated Amy Patyk , multichannel marketing manager for Alcon U.S. "This resource not only educates on what treatment options are available from Alcon and how to use them, it also helps parents through the ease of convenient mobile wireless technology that fits in with today's busy lifestyles.

"By offering mobile access to educational tools, parents are able to learn more about medication options and treatment support for their child. DROPS101 helps fit today's busy lifestyles by providing these tools through the convenience of wireless technology," she added.