Majestic Drug Co. has introduced a pair of oral care products and added to its personal care offerings.

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Majestic Drug adds to dental care, personal care lineup

May 6th, 2013

SOUTH FALLSBURG, N.Y. – Majestic Drug Co. has introduced a pair of oral care products and added to its personal care offerings.

The company recently rolled out Proxi-Plus, a disposable toothbrush for on-the-go consumers; Senzzzzz Away, a solution for sensitive teeth; and KutKit Styps, a remedy for shaving nicks and small cuts.

Proxi-Plus is an ultra-fine interdental brush on one end and a flosser on the other, making it easier for users to remove food from between their teeth, clean plaque and stimulate their gums. The product enables consumers seeking new ways to keep their teeth and gums healthy and clean throughout the day without having to resort to carrying a toothbrush with them everywhere they go, Majestic noted.

Each Proxi-Plus package contains 30 disposable proxi-brushes/flossers and retails for about $5.99. The product is available at such drug chains as Duane Reade and Walgreens and pharmacy retailers including Fred's, Hannaford, Lucky Stores, Save Mart, ShopRite and Super Fresh and among others.

Meanwhile, Senzzzzz Away is clinically proven to immediately eliminate tooth sensitivity from cold, sweets, and hot food and liquids, Majestic said, adding that one treatment from the dentist-developed product lasts up to six months.

Senzzzzz Away, which retails for $5.99, comes as a single-dose blister pack containing gel and a disposable brush applicator. It's sold at chain drug stores including Discount Drug Mart, Duane Reade, Health Mart and Rite Aid as well as via pharmacy retailers such as Albertsons, Save Mart and

Designed for both men and women, KutKit Styps are individual, sanitary styptic swabs that instantly stop bleeding from shaving nicks, cuticle bleeding, and minor cuts and scrapes, according to Majestic. Users just apply a KutKit Styptic Swab to the injury site and the bleeding stops, the company said.

Each KutKit Styps package contains 12 individual sanitary swabs and retails for $3.99. The product is available at such pharmacy retailers as Discount Drug Mart, Kerr Drug, Navarro Discount Pharmacy, Rite Aid,, H.E. Butt, Kroger, Meijer, Pathmark, Price Chopper, Publix, ShopRite and Winn-Dixie.