FGX International has introduced the Foster Grant Crystal Vision Reading Glasses collection.

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Foster Grant Crystal Vision reading glasses debut at CVS, Walgreens

June 4th, 2013

SMITHFIELD, R.I. – FGX International has introduced the Foster Grant Crystal Vision Reading Glasses collection.

The eyewear designer and marketer said Tuesday that the over-the-counter Crystal Vision reading glasses feature an advanced lens design that helps reduce eye strain and enhances viewing clarity by reducing scratching, smudging and glare.

Foster Grant's Crystal Vision reading glasses collection features designs for both women and men.

Foster Grant Crystal Vision lenses have a patent-pending technology, including an anti-glare coating that reduces glare from computer screens and fluorescent lighting, which may exacerbate eye strain. The coating also reduces glare on the outside of the lens, improving the way that the wearer looks to other people, according to FGX.

In addition, a second anti-smudge coating minimizes the need to clean the lenses, which is often necessary during extended use, while a durable lens material minimizes scratching, enabling the glasses to last longer than standard reading glasses, the company said.

Such vision assistance may be especially helpful in today's era of digital devices, FGX pointed out. Presbyopia, a natural effect of aging and commonly found in adults over 40, leads to difficulty in reading small print, such as text found in a book, e-reader, smartphone or computer screen. Foster Grant Crystal Vision Reading Glasses magnify images, allowing the eyes to focus on nearby objects more easily, and their lenses lessen eye strain and provide greater visual comfort, the company said.

The Foster Grant Crystal Vision collection comes in six magnification strengths and is available in stylish designs and colors for men and women.

The limited release of the OTC reading glasses collection can be found at select Walgreens and CVS/pharmacy stores in Austin, Texas, and Orlando, Fla., FGX said.

FGX plans to support the Foster Grant Crystal Vision launch with a television commercial featuring spokeswoman and actress/model Brooke Shields. The TV spots are slated to run on cable networks in the Austin and Orlando markets.