Energizer Personal Care have brought back Edge Irritation Solutions, an Edge shave gel campaign aimed at alleviating irritations for men "one tweet at a time."

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Edge relaunches 'Irritation' social media campaign

August 26th, 2013

SHELTON, Conn. – Energizer Personal Care have brought back Edge Irritation Solutions, an Edge shave gel campaign aimed at alleviating irritations for men "one tweet at a time."

The company said Monday that the Edge Irritation Solutions social media campaign, first launched in 2010, struck a chord with Twitter users nationwide by providing clever, real-time irritation relief to people venting their frustrations online.

The redux of the campaign provides the Edge Twitter handle @EdgeShaveZone to monitor the Twitter-sphere for "irritated tweeters" and offer prizes to ease their irritations.

According to Energizer, Edge will leverage the latest social technology to create a "better, stronger, faster" campaign and with "much more data." Brand representatives will use Crimson Hexagon's big data analysis platform, powered by technology developed at Harvard University's Institute for Quantitative Social Science, to analyze millions of tweets to identify trending sources of irritation on Twitter and offer solutions in real-time.

In addition, Edge will help relieve irritations expressed via Instagram. To join the conversations and enter for a chance to win prizes, Twitter users can tweet at the brand's handle @EdgeShaveZone using the hashtag #SoIrritating.

"Edge shave gel relieves guys' irritation every day in front of the mirror," commented Jeffrey Wolf, senior brand manager at Energizer Personal Care. "The Edge Irritation Solutions campaign is a natural extension of our overarching anti-irritation platform, bringing irritation relief when guys need it most, whether it's sending a car when he can't get a cab or replacing a busted laptop with a brand new version."

Edge, too, has reprised the Edge Anti-Irritation Index, a study of geographical influences on irritation that uncovered the most irritating cities for guys in the United States. The study evaluated the 50 most populous U.S. cities for 10 "irritation factors," including a high male-to-female ratio, poor sports team performance and high ticket prices, slow traffic, lack of job availability, unaffordable housing, extreme weather, and lack of nightlife and fitness options.

The new data shows that irritations have shifted since 2010, when the study was first conducted. The original study named Atlanta (No. 1), Houston (No. 2) and Washington D.C. (No. 3) as the nation's most irritated cities. Irritation factors such as humid weather and congested traffic drove southern cities to the top of the 2010 Most Irritated Cities List. This year, Edge studied irritation factors particular to guys, like cost of pro sports tickets and percentage of available single women, and a new crop of irritated cities rose to the top.

The "Top 10 Most Irritating Cities for Guys in the U.S. are (in order): Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Washington D.C. and Boston.

Using the results of the latest Edge Anti-Irritation index Most Irritating Cities for Guys study and Crimson Hexagon data analysis, Edge will be able to offer targeted irritation relief to tweeters, Energizer said. Prizes could include free pro basketball tickets to irritated Los Angelenos fed up with high ticket prices, or a GPS unit for Houstonians irritated by their expansive city and unpredictable traffic.

Edge Shave Gel offers six shave gel varieties, which are available at drug, supermarket and mass retailers nationwide for about $2.79 each.