To better target trying-to-conceive couples, Lil' Drug Store Products Inc. is rolling out new packaging for its Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant.

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Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant undergoes packaging redesign

January 30th, 2014

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – To better target trying-to-conceive couples, Lil' Drug Store Products Inc. is rolling out new packaging for its Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant.

Pre-Seed's new look better conveys the message that it's for trying-to-conceive couples, the company said.

The company said Wednesday that starting this month, Pre-Seed personal lubricant will feature distinctive blue packaging labeled "For Use When Trying to Get Pregnant" in large type directly beneath the product name banner. A new image adorns the front of the Pre-Seed box as well: a mother and her newborn baby.

Previously, Pre-Seed had white packaging that pictured a loving couple under the tagline, "Seriously fun baby-making!". The label "for use when trying to conceive" had smaller type and was positioned toward the bottom of the box.

In addition, the new packaging makes more prominent the special formulation that sets Pre-Seed apart as a fertility-friendly personal lubricant. The front of the box says "clinically shown to be fertility friendly," "provides antioxidant support for sperm" and "mimics your own fertile fluids." And like the earlier packaging, the new design bears the icon "Developed by Doctors, Used by Fertility Clinics."

Lil' Drug Store Products noted that Pre-Seed's new package design stems from extensive consumer research, which revealed that a straightforward message and changes in color and imagery were favored over the previous white packaging.

"Many couples who are trying to conceive are surprised to learn that other leading lubricants may actually limit or harm sperm motility," explained Doug Marquardt, Pre-Seed's director of marketing. "The new packaging clearly communicates that Pre-Seed is the right lubricant to use when trying to get pregnant."

Often recommended by fertility experts, Pre-Seed is used in fertility clinics around the world, according to the company. The lubricant's special formulation is isotonic and pH-balanced to match a woman's fertile fluids.

And unlike other leading lubricants that contain glycerin, Pre-Seed helps to create the optimal environment so sperm can swim freely, the company said, adding that published clinical studies show that the product doesn't harm sperm and has less potential to irritate vaginal and cervical tissues than other leading lubricants.

Each box of Pre-Seed contains a 1.4-ounce tube and nine individual applicators. Pre-Seed is available nationally at more than 25,000 retail stores, including Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walmart and Target.

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