Surescripts plans to demonstrate two new solutions, Record Locator & Exchange and CompletEPA, at this month's HIMSS14 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Fla.

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Surescripts to showcase new health information solutions

February 5th, 2014

ARLINGTON, Va. – Surescripts plans to demonstrate two new solutions, Record Locator & Exchange and CompletEPA, at this month's HIMSS14 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Fla.

The clinical health information network said Wednesday that the Record Locator & Exchange query and response service and CompletEPA for medication prior authorization are designed to improve care outcomes, increase efficiency, and reduce health care costs by connecting care providers and enabling broad health information exchange within communities and nationwide.

"Collaboration is crucial to achieving intelligent health care, where doctors and patients can make the most informed decisions and, in doing so, improve health outcomes and decrease costs," stated Harry Totonis, president and chief executive officer of Surescripts. "As a leader in health information technology for more than 12 years, exchanging more than 6 billion transactions each year, Surescripts offers the security, trust, range, and experience that are critical to consider when identifying a network partner for health information exchange."

Surescripts noted that patients often have health records stored in multiple locations, including electronic health record (EHR) systems, hospitals and health systems, electronic document repositories or other health information exchanges (HIEs). The Record Locator & Exchange will leverage the network's Master Patient Index of more than 210 million individuals to locate patient records. Once a record is located, the service supports electronic patient consent then facilitates the exchange of information with the requesting care provider's EHR. Record Locator & Exchange manages patient consent according to applicable state and federal laws.

"Connecting disparate information systems to share protected patient information allows for improved clinical decision support, care coordination, analysis of population health, as well as reduced costs associated with health care delivery," explained Jeff Miller, executive vice president and general manager of clinical network services at Surescripts. "While patient health records move from the file cabinet to the computer every day, the storing of information does not constitute meaningful use if it is not shared between providers."

CompletEPA, Surescripts said, is the industry's first end-to-end electronic prior authorization solution integrated into a doctor's EHR workflow that enables real-time information exchange between providers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). CompletEPA leverages Surescripts eligibility and formulary data to proactively notify providers of prior authorization requirements during the prescription workflow.

The company noted that, currently, the medication prior authorization process is an administrative burden that relies on an array of forms, faxes and phone calls for information collection, processing and review to determine prescription coverage.

"CompletEPA will not only improve workflow efficiency, it will also facilitate the comprehensive and meaningful exchange of critical patient information, saving time and money throughout our nation's health system," according to David Yakimischak, executive vice president and general manager of medication network services for Surescripts.

This new type of electronic prior authorization has been piloted and tested by Surescripts with PBMs and EHR vendors using recently established industry standards from the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), the company added.

Surescripts said Record Locator & Exchange will be featured in the Interoperability Showcase during HIMSS14 from Feb. 24 to 26.