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1908 Candy brings back Alexander the Grape Candy

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CHICAGO – After a hiatus, 1908 Candy is bringing back Alexander the Grape Candy. The company says it has the same taste and quality but with a little more edge and intense flavor.

In celebration of this revamped brand, Alexander the Grape candy billboards will be available throughout Chicago, IL where the brand originated. The “Make America Grape Again” campaign is playfully honest. Ideated by 1908 Candy’s creative agency, Mann Sales Co., it pokes fun at the nation’s current news and political affairs in comically outspoken statements:

  • “Has never groped a licorice”
  •  “Zero allegations of inappropriate behavior”
  • “It’s time we had a leader with balls”
  • “This election, chews wisely”
  •  “Not sleepy, not crazy, just delicious”
  • “Yes, we can(dy)”
  • “It’s the candy, stupid”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring Alexander the Grape candy back to the market in a disruptive way” says Lou Pagano, founder of 1908 Candy. “This has been one of my family’s most popular brands and a goal of mine to see future generations enjoy this bold and delicious candy again.”

Since founding 1908 Candy, Pagano, a fourth-generation candy maker, has been bringing back his family’s original brands from Ferrara Pan. Alexander the Grape candy is one of the many brands under the new 1908 Candy label including Johnny Apple Treats, Mr. Melon and other childhood favorites.

Alexander the Grape candy is available nationwide at Walgreens, Dollar General and Dollar Tree in 5 oz. theater box and 7 oz. and 9 oz. pouches.


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