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21st Century HealthCare unveils PureMark Naturals

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TEMPE, Ariz. — 21st Century HealthCare Inc. has introduced PureMark Naturals, a line of vitamins and dietary supplements that the company said brings more natural and clean choices for consumers.

PrintWith 17 products, PureMark Naturals offers natural, vegetarian and vegan-friendly choices, in addition to non-GMO and gluten-, wheat-, dairy-, soy- and preservative-free options.

Besides vitamins and supplements in capsule, tablet, gummy and softgel forms, the product line also includes herbal teas, a natural superfood and a plant-based vegan protein drink mix enhanced with fruit and vegetables and enriched with nourishing extracts.

21st Century HealthCare said PureMark Naturals is slated to roll out soon to select retailers nationwide.

“Over 71% of today’s consumers are concerned about the long-term health impact of preservatives, artificial and GMO ingredients,” according to Leanne Wilhardt, president of 21st Century HealthCare. “Our new line of vitamins and supplements is the answer to this demand.”

The PureMark Naturals packaging also features a clean green design with a transparent label, enabling consumers to see exactly what they are purchasing, 21st Century HealthCare noted. The company reported that a 2015 Gallup study found that half of dietary supplement users use clean and natural-labeled supplements, up from 36% in 2012.

“Our PureMark Naturals line will expand with quality products inspired by nature that support clean and healthy living,” Wilhardt added. “We’re excited to continue down the path of offering more natural products for consumers.”


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