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FLAVORx to premiere new flavoring device

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Maryland secretary of commerce to attend product debut

FLAVORx said FlavorMaster is the first fully automated reconstitution and flavoring device and is designed to save pharmacies time and improve dispensing accuracy behind the counter. The device joins Fillmaster’s automated water dispensing technology with FLAVORx’s flavoring system.


FlavorMaster medication reconstitution and flavoring device

With FlavorMaster, pharmaceutical reconstitution — still a manual, inefficient and error-prone process in many pharmacies — is accomplished at the push of a button, reducing the time to fill and flavor a liquid medication to a matter of seconds, the companies said.

“With the combination of talented local engineering companies, our own design team and cutting-edge technology, we have created a device that improves workflow, safety and accuracy behind the pharmacy counter,” stated Stuart Amos, president and chief executive officer of FLAVORx and Fillmaster Systems. “Our mission has always been to help parents and children all over the world take their medicine and stay adherent without stress or discomfort. The FlavorMaster has the power to accomplish that goal.”

“FLAVORx is a pioneer in developing innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, and I am excited to join them as they introduce their latest advancement,” Gill said in a statement. “I am proud of the cutting-edge work that FLAVORx is doing right here in Maryland to improve for both children and parents the often stressful experience of taking prescription medicine.”

Currently available in 45,000 pharmacies nationwide, FLAVORx enables pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to custom-flavor more than 600 liquid prescription and over-the-counter medicines, which the company noted leads to improved medication adherence among children.

“With the FlavorMaster, pharmacies have the power to boost pediatric adherence and improve a child’s health outcome,” Amos added. “This is the solution our pharmacy partners have been asking for. We are excited to finally be able to share this tremendous new technology with our existing and prospective customers. And as a Maryland-based small-business, we’re proud to bring such innovation to market worldwide.”


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