Bausch + Lomb rolls out Lumify eye drops

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NEW YORK — Bausch + Lomb recently celebrated the launch of Lumify, a new eye drop product and brand aimed at reducing eye redness, at the Gallery at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea.

Chris Marschall, vice president of marketing, Consumer Health Care, at Bausch + Lomb, said he is excited about the Lumify launch not only because the company is unveiling a new brand and product, but because the launch also marks the release of a patented new formulation “unlike any other eye redness reliever currently available.” Developed by eye doctors and supported by six clinical studies, Lumify (brimonidine tartrate ophthalmic solution 0.025%) was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in December 2017 and is set to hit the shelves of major U.S. retailers in June.

What distinguishes Lumify from other products that treat eye redness, according to Marschall, is that Lumify addresses redness with a reduced risk of side effects of other drops, in particular, “rebound redness,” in which redness returns to a greater extent when the drop wears off. Lumify also addresses the issue of loss of effectiveness over time which often happens with other redness reducing drops.

Lumify’s formula, which is free of bleach and dyes, addresses this by selectively targeting redness, Marschall said, and begins working in one minute with results lasting up to eight hours. “You won’t believe your eyes,” is the tagline for Lumify, highlighting how the drops can reduce redness to help the user’s eyes appear “whiter, brighter and more radiant.”

Marschall’s enthusiasm for Lumify was echoed by Melissa Toyos, MD, a noted general ophthalmologist, dry eye specialist, and facial cosmetic surgeon at Toyos Clinic, based in Nashville. “Eye redness is a common, non-specific issue that brings many patients into our offices,” said Toyos. “Lumify works differently than other redness relievers by selectively targeting redness and alleviating some of the potential side effects common to other redness relievers.” Whereas other over-the-counter eye drops reduce the flow of nutrition and oxygen to the eyes which can worsen redness, Lumify does not, according to Toyos. “Lumify has been clinically proven safe and effective.”

As Marschall pointed out, the eyes are one of the first things people notice — especially in today’s “selfie culture” — and more than ever people want their eyes to look their best, which is why many women, for instance, turn to concealers, wrinkle creams, and lash extensions to make their eyes pop. But all these measure fall short if the eyes are bloodshot.

Vincent Oquendo, celebrity makeup artist and Lumify brand ambassador, said one of the first things he looks for when prepping for a photo shoot is redness in the eyes of his models. “If there is any redness, Lumify can reduce the redness to help eyes appear whiter and brighter,” he added.

“Additionally, with the work we do today on computers and digital devices there is a lot of eye strain, which may result in eye redness,” Marschall said. “Eye doctors are looking for a safe, effective product for their patients and they now have that with Lumify. We all want to look our best.”

When it hits the shelves in June, Lumify will be available at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target and and will retail for about $14.99 for a 2.5ml bottle containing 75 drops and about $25.99 for a 7.5ml bottle containing 225 drops.



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