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AB Brands unveils Earth Supplied multicultural hair care brand

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DALLAS — AB Brands announced the launch of multicultural hair care brand, Earth Supplied. Rooted in the belief that real results start with real ingredients at real beneficial levels, Earth Supplied encourages women to nourish their natural textures with products that transparently deliver high levels of shea butter and are free from ingredients that can be damaging to curly and coily hair.

Understanding the hair concerns that the multicultural customer faces such as hydration, scalp health, shrinkage, detangling, definition and delicate strands, AB Brands saw a void in the marketplace and a need for transparency. Earth Supplied delivers real ingredients at real beneficial levels for beautifully healthy hair and transparently communicates that on the front label.

“We’re excited to launch an entirely new haircare brand to consumers that helps pioneer honesty & transparency,” says Chris McClain, president of AB Brands, LLC. “We are the first and only brand to deliver 20% Shea Butter in every jar of Earth Supplied Moisture & Repair Leave-in Conditioner, now that’s being transparent.”

“Earth Supplied textured hair care is enriched with high levels of the purest butters and oils, globally sourced, and carefully chosen for their amazing beauty benefits. The Earth Supplied Moisture & Repair Collection and Strength & Length Collection launched at Sally Beauty in January. Both collections include a full regimen of cleansing, conditioning and styling, all under $8. We are so proud to deliver quality products at a value, so she knows what she gets is real,” McClain added.

The Moisture & Repair collection helps quench thirsty curls with intense moisture from African Shea Butter. The Strength & Length Castor Collection is formulated with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Chinese Bamboo.

The Earth Supplied Moisture & Repair Shea Collection Includes:

  • Moisture & Repair Leave-In Conditioner with 20% Shea Butter
  • Moisture & Repair Creamy Defining Gell-O
  • Moisture & Repair Curl Poppin’ Activator with 15% Shea Butter
  • Moisture & Repair Silicone Free Rinse Out Conditioner with 5% Shea Butter
  • Moisture & Repair Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Moisture & Repair Shine & Hold Mist

The Earth Supplied Strength & Length Collection Includes:

  • Strength & Length Hair Slip Conditioning Detangler
  • Strength & Length Night-Night Lay Me Down with 8% Castor + Bamboo
  • Strength & Length Strong Strands Protein Masque with 15% Castor + Bamboo
  • Strength & Length Retention Oil Serum with 10% Castor + Bamboo
  • Strength & Length Anti-Break Shine Oil with 21% Castor + Bamboo

The Moisture & Repair Collection is available at Sally Beauty, Wegmans, Amazon, Beauty Supply Stores and Walmart (March 30th) while the Strength & Length Collection is available exclusively at Sally Beauty for a limited time.


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