AcneFree launches their Adapalene gel retinoid acne treatment

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NEW YORK — AcneFree, a L’Oréal brand, presents AF Adapalene Gel:  their new over-the-counter, once daily topical retinoid treatment for acne-prone skin. Adapalene, once prescription-only, is now the first over-the-counter acne-fighting ingredient approved by the FDA in over 30 years.

Originally developed by a pharmaceutical company, AcneFree is built on a foundation of dermatological science and research, offering skincare products to help treat acne and care for the skin with dermatologist-recommended ingredients. Their latest launch, AF Adapalene Gel features 0.1% adapalene that works to treat acne with less irritation compared to other prescription retinoid treatments.

“All retinoids slow accumulation of dead skin cells in pores and reduce inflammation, but Adapalene Gel is less irritating than a standard retinoid and is still a very effective option with the convenience of over the counter availability, which leads to more compliance and better results,” says Dr. Hadley King, board certified dermatologist. “And, because it is more stable than other prescription retinoids, it is less likely to degrade and lose its effectiveness upon exposure to light.”

With up to 85% of teens struggling with acne and many not seeking help from a professional, mental health and psychological side effects of acne are increasingly in the spotlight, motivating teens and their parents to educate themselves on the most effective treatments that fit within their budgetary constraints. AcneFree is helping to bridge this gap, providing accessibility across innovation, education and affordability.

“Cost can be a big factor for many when it comes to caring for acne-prone skin,” says Angela Bennett, general manager, AcneFree. “AcneFree provides effective at-home acne care with dermatology inspired products and treatments at a highly approachable price point and availability at everyday retailers like Walmart, Walgreens and Amazon. This approachability and the over-the-counter introduction of what was once a prescription-only ingredient, makes it easy for parents and teens across the country to access what they need to manage acne. The AcneFree brand is also a great resource for educating teens on proper use of treatment.”

At an SRP of $11.99 for 15g, AF Adapalene Gel is now available on Amazon.com, and will launch at Walmart and Walgreens in fall 2019, along with a 45g format for an SRP of $21.99.


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