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Acura licenses meth-resistant PSE technology to Bayer

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PALATINE, Ill. — Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc. has licensed its methamphetamine-resistant pseudoephedrine (PSE) technology to Bayer Healthcare LLC for use in future products.

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Acura’s Impede technology is currently used in its Nexafed nasal decongestant and sinus products.

Under the license and development agreement announced Tuesday, Acura will provide an exclusive worldwide license to its Impede technology to Bayer for use in an undisclosed meth-resistant, PSE-containing product and to jointly develop the product for the U.S. market.

Bayer also has the right to negotiate for a worldwide license to the Impede technology for additional products, Acura said.

“We’re excited to have a partner that brings highly valued development expertise and is committed to addressing the methamphetamine problem,” stated Bob Jones, Acura’s president and chief executive officer.

Impede is currently used in Acura’s Nexafed PSE nasal decongestant and sinus products. The polymer matrix technology disrupts the extraction and conversion of pseudoephedrine to methamphetamine. If abusers try to extract the PSE out of Nexafed to make meth, the inactive ingredients in the polymer matrix will form a thick gel to block the extraction and disrupt conversion of PSE to methamphetamine. Meth production and abuse is a growing problem in communities nationwide.

According to Acura, Impede technology has demonstrated significantly reduced yields of meth compared with traditional formulations in laboratory tests and has been associated with a reduction in meth laboratories in local markets of up to 90%.

As a result of efforts to thwart PSE diversion, legitimate PSE cold medicine consumers have been faced with an increasing array of purchase requirements, including monthly purchase limitations and, in some cases, requiring a doctor’s prescription, Acura noted.


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