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Alliance between Nielsen and Trax brings new shelf insight tools to U.S. brands

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NEW YORK — Building on the enduring strength of the Trax-Nielsen alliance, Nielsen  and Trax, the leading provider of computer vision solutions for retail, Tuesday announced three new offerings that will enhance shelf insight visibility and advance the way U.S. manufacturers and retailers use computer vision technology. Nielsen and Trax, alongside sales and marketing service provider Acosta, will enhance offerings within the Trax-Nielsen Shelf Intelligence Suite, enabling CPG manufacturers of all sizes to anticipate the impact of shelf conditions on sales.

With the launch of these new offerings, Nielsen and Trax will provide brands with access to both episodic and continuous views of shelf conditions. The new insight tools will allow brands to enjoy timelier store activations and rapid response to market demands, as well as improved long-term shelf and category planning strategies.

The enhanced Shelf Intelligence Suite includes three new offerings:

  • Shelf Pulse Lite, which extends the flexibility and accessibility of shelf data to cater to different business needs and users within CPG brands;
  • Shelf Pulse Point, which allows clients to view prior execution performance by category to better plan future shelf strategies; and
  • Trax Retail Snapshot, which uses crowdsourcing tactics to quickly and objectively audit shelf and campaign execution for any product, at any time, in any outlet or retailer. This solution includes the option to link sales rates data to store conditions for analysis through Nielsen’s Merchandising Insights (MI) tool.

Trax’s world-class computer vision, machine learning and internet of things (IoT) platforms turn photographs of retail shelves into actionable insights that brands can use to improve in-store execution strategies. Nielsen’s industry-leading point-of-sale purchase data and analytics services offer comprehensive information on market shares, competitive sales volumes and insights into distribution, pricing, merchandising and promotion. Acosta’s in-store image and data collection capabilities help clients feel the pulse of their shelf and store reality. This alliance continues to provide the industry with greater access to actionable in-store insights to improve strategies, retail execution and category planning.

“Today’s brands and retailers come in all shapes and sizes, but in order to succeed they all need a strong awareness of what’s selling, what isn’t and why,” said Jeanne Danubio, president, Nielsen Connect, North America. “With the continued evolution of the CPG industry, product visibility needs to be equally dynamic. Our expanded, tech-forward alliance with Trax gives brands the tools they need to predict shelf influence on the bottom line.”

“Today’s CPG brands desire every available insight to make the most of the store shelf, however, what we offer goes beyond data deluge, delivering unparalleled speed of execution without compromising on the granularity in our insights,” said Dror Feldheim, chief commercial officer, Trax. “Our expanded suite of offerings with Nielsen combines the best of both worlds: our innovative computer vision platform and crowd capabilities and Nielsen’s vast product reference data, empowering the industry with every available insight to optimize and refine shelf conditions.”

Launched in 2017, Trax-Nielsen Shelf Intelligence Suite originally included two solutions, Shelf Pulse and Shelf Blueprint. Shelf Pulse features interactive visualizations and dynamic dashboards to help brands understand granular in-store shelf conditions—both for themselves and competitors. Shelf Blueprint is a predictive analytics service that uses advanced retail data science models to empower CPG companies to set the best strategy for store merchandising.


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