Alberto VO5’s new collection targets hair issues

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STAMFORD, Conn. Alberto VO5 has introduced a new line of shampoos and conditioners that provide benefits to help solve common hair problems.

Alberto VO5 hair problems lineParent company High Ridge Brands said Tuesday that the collection of five vitamin-formula-infused, paraben-free products is formulated to address four hair issues — dry scalp, flatness, split ends and frizz — at around $1 per bottle at retail.

Alberto VO5 Dry Scalp contains almond oil to help soothe, relieve and moisturize the scalp, and Alberto VO5 Volumizer includes a biotin boost and amplifies limp locks for fuller-looking hair.

Meanwhile, Alberto VO5 Split Ends features panthenol to help reduce damage to delicate hair, adding moisturize and a smoother look, according to High Ridge Brands. And Alberto VO5 Anti-Frizz includes argan oil to help tame and smooth unruly locks for sleek-looking hair.

“Our new line proves once again with VO5, you simply don’t have to pay more to look and feel beautiful,” stated Nina Riley, vice president of marketing at High Ridge Brands. “The fact is, sometimes hair needs a little more care, and VO5 doesn’t want the consumer to have to empty their wallet for it.

“With premium ingredients like argan oil, typically found in products many times their price, our new shampoos and conditioners leave savvy shoppers’ hair vibrant and clean, regardless of their hair texture and type,” Riley added.

VO5’s new line of value-rich shampoo and conditioners is available now at national and regional retailers, including Walmart, Kroger, CVS and Kmart, among others, at a suggested retail price of 99 cents to $1.19.

Besides Alberto VO5 in the United States and Puerto Rico, High Ridge Brands’ portfolio includes Rave hair care products globally plus the Zest and Coast personal cleansing brands in the U.S. and Canada.



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