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Albertsons earns ACHC specialty pharmacy accreditation

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BOISE, Idaho — Albertsons Cos. has gained accreditation for its specialty pharmacy care services from Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), a nonprofit health standards organization.

Albertsons storefrontAlbertsons said late Thursday that it’s the largest national food and drug chain to receive the ACHC accreditation and operates its own in-house specialty care service for pharmacy patients. The designation signifies the company’s dedication and commitment to meeting national standards for a higher level of pharmacy performance and patient care.

“For an organization to provide specialty care services, they need to know and adhere to a comprehensive list of unique pharmacy requirements. Albertsons Cos. meets all of these, in addition to the national standards, so they can manage these intensive medications and the obligatory special handling for their patients, which is what our organization looks for when awarding an accreditation,” Tim Safley, director of DME, pharmacy and sleep for Cary, N.C.-based ACHC.

Albertsons Specialty Care provides specialty medications for a range of complex diseases and conditions, such as cancer, hepatitis C, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, mental health, addiction recovery, human growth hormone deficiencies, and hemophilia. The specialty pharmacy services also include personalized care to expedite patients’ access to medications and help them achieve optimal health outcomes.

An internal team of technicians and pharmacists work with patients, doctors, payers and the patients’ local pharmacies to coordinate care, provide clinical services, overcome affordability issues and support adherence to these highly needed and often costly medications, Albertsons noted.

“Our patients are our first priority. By offering specialty care services with an in-house team of clinical experts, our patients can continue to go to their local pharmacy and work with the same health professionals they know and trust to get these specialty medications,” stated Mark Panzer, vice president of pharmacy, health and wellness at Albertsons. “We’re serious about patient health, safety and medication management, so we’re proud to show that diligence with the highly regarded ACHC accreditation for our specialty care services.”


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