Alcon shows millions with cataracts that color can come back to life

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FORT WORTH — Alcon has launched a new art-focused campaign in honor of Cataract Awareness Month, which illustrates the impact cataracts can have on seeing color and encourages those diagnosed with cataracts to understand the benefits of cataract surgery. The campaign is part of Alcon’s continued commitment to educate patients about cataracts and treatment options.

Many patients are unaware that the progression of cataracts can be gradual, so it can be harder for them to notice how certain aspects of their vision have changed – including their ability to fully see colors – until the cataracts are treated. In fact, according to an Alcon survey of adults who have undergone cataract surgery, more than 65% report being surprised by the brightness and vividness of colors post-surgery. A diminished ability to see color can greatly impact how people process and respond to the world around them.

To bring the impact of cataracts to life and illustrate the effects of cataracts on seeing colors, Alcon commissioned a special piece of dynamic and vibrant artwork by renowned NYC-based color artist Monika Bravo. The artwork – featured digitally in both “clear” and “cataract” vision – can be seen by patients on MyCataracts.com, as well as on the My Cataracts by Alcon Facebook page throughout the month of June.

“According to our research, patients want to be empowered and know about treatments for cataracts, yet only a small group feel knowledgeable about cataract lenses and surgery options,” said Brian O’Neal, head of marketing, U.S. Surgical, Alcon. “By showcasing this dynamic and colorful piece of art, Alcon hopes to bring more awareness to cataracts and inspire patients to take action by visiting their eye doctor so they can experience life again in full color.”


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