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American Greetings, Target roll out digital slideshow card

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CLEVELAND — American Greetings Corp. has teamed with Target Corp. to launch what it calls the first digital slideshow greeting card.

The greeting card giant said Tuesday that the digital slideshow card, which retails for $19.99 and is available in the discount chain’s card aisle, holds up to 50 digital images, includes an original holiday soundtrack and allows the sender to record voice messages to add a personal touch to the greeting.

In addition, the slideshow card’s packaging opens into a gift box and includes a mailing envelope so shoppers don’t need to buy anything extra to send the card. Postage for the greeting is approximately $2.30, so the card can be purchased and mailed for less than $25, American Greetings noted.

"We are thrilled to offer shoppers a gift this holiday season that fits all of their needs — it’s fun and thoughtful, trendy and sincere and affordable while supremely convenient," Carol Miller, executive director of new product concepts at American Greetings, said in a statement. "Once consumers add their favorite photos and message, the card transforms into an emotional and personal experience that can be enjoyed for years to come with mom, dad, an older brother, a younger sister or anyone with whom you’ve shared cherished memories."

American Greetings said the slideshow card features a revolutionary, patent-pending design, developed through a partnership with Euri, a subsidiary of IRTronix. The card’s other features include a special stand and display fold and a USB cable for recharging the card via a computer. The slideshow presentations play for three hours before needing a recharge, the company said.


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