AmerisourceBergen hones resources for pharmacies

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LAS VEGAS — At ThoughtSpot 2015, Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s annual trade show and conference, AmerisourceBergen announced a new set of innovations it said will strengthen its Pharmacy Services Administration Organization and help independent pharmacies endure the industry’s most pressing challenges.

“AmerisourceBergen and Good Neighbor Pharmacy are committed to providing community pharmacists with the resources they need to transform their businesses, adapt to industry changes and leverage their collective voice to shape the delivery of pharmacy services,” said David Neu, executive vice president of retail strategy at AmerisourceBergen and president of Good Neighbor Pharmacy. “Over the past year we’ve made a series of targeted investments that will support independent pharmacies in their efforts to improve patient care and receive fair and accurate reimbursement for their services.”

During the show’s general session, AmerisourceBergen leaders unveiled the organization’s revamped Pharmacy Services Administration Organization. Bolstered by a core of enhanced capabilities, the company leaders said the newly named Elevate Provider Network will support independent pharmacies in their efforts to improve profitability through enhanced patient care and better business practices and by leveraging centralized data to support reimbursement discussions with payers.

The new program, which will enable Good Neighbor Pharmacy to provide its network members access to its Premier-level services, includes a new patient engagement center and capability set, powered by PrescribeWellness, that independent pharmacies can leverage to drive adherence and enhance patient care; access to pre- and post-claims editing services through Emdeon, a leading provider of revenue and payment cycle management, which will help reduce claim errors, improve pharmacy profits and provide greater transparency into payer reimbursement; and an expansion of its central pay capabilities with the addition of claim reconciliation services powered by FDS Inc., which enables pharmacists to monitor their receivables balance.

Also available are a revamped InSite pharmacy performance tool that will now include front-of-store sales data displayed in its popular peer benchmarking view, allowing pharmacies to measure performance against similar stores; and a new mobile application that will notify pharmacists of key information they need to manage their business at the touch of a finger, such as the next day’s bank deposits and a six-month trending view of their performance in the four highly rated CMS Star Ratings clinical measures.

“AmerisourceBergen believes that community pharmacy is a key delivery point for high-quality and accessible health care. It’s a great and humbling responsibility to provide pharmacists with the resources they need to optimize and grow their businesses,” Neu said. “The enhancements announced today will support the delivery of true community health care by enabling independent pharmacists to further support patients, operate their pharmacies effectively and combat growing industry challenges surrounding reimbursement.”

Topeka Pharmacy received Good Neighbor Pharmacy’s 2015 Pharmacy of the Year Award, and AmerisourceBergen pledged to match up to $50,000 for any contributions made to the National Community Pharmacists Association Foundation between July 30 and August 31.



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