Amobee and Catalina team on in-flight optimization initiative for CPG brands

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. Amobee,and Catalina announced a strategic partnership to provide advertisers with real-time insights from UPC-level transaction data.

Through this partnership, advertisers will now be able to leverage Amobee’s In-Flight Optimization for CPG brands with insights from Catalina’s real-time Point of Sale (POS) data to analyze current campaign effectiveness, and inform online strategy and campaign optimization.

“In this age of uncertainty and an ever-changing consumer landscape, In-Flight Optimization is more relevant and more powerful than ever before; consumers are still out there, they just may shopping differently than they were pre-pandemic,” says Dini Beretz, vice president of Business Development at Amobee. “Partnering with Catalina, Amobee can now offer advertisers new levels of insights to make faster, smarter, real-time data-driven decisions.”

The Richards Group Sees Value in Partnership

It is more important than ever for brands to optimize their campaigns in real-time to keep up with rapidly changing consumer shopping behavior in-store.

With Amobee In-Flight Optimization for CPG and insights from Catalina’s real-time POS data, The Richards Group saw a 2:1 return on investment across select brand categories for one of its CPG clients, and a 388% increase in offline conversations in the first month. The agency was able to eliminate costly modeling by directly connecting Catalina’s shopper data to ad campaigns and reach 25 million unique users. The Richards Group anticipates implementing this solution for their CPG clients moving forward.

“CPG advertisers today need access to highly-scaled deterministic data at faster intervals to make data-driven decisions that improve advertising effectiveness and optimize performance,” said Brian Dunphy, senior vice president of Catalina’s Strategic Partnerships & Channel Sales. “We’re excited to work with Amobee to uncover new and different ways to help advertisers more accurately measure how Catalina’s real-time offline sales data can improve online performance, and more effectively reach their target customers with consistent engagement.”

“By leveraging Amobee’s advanced In-Flight Optimization solution and Catalina’s real-time Point of Sale (POS) system, our CPG brand partners will be able to better understand consumer purchasing behavior and ultimately provide a more relevant retail experience,” says Mary Price, media director at The Richards Group.




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