APhA website supports provider status push

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It might behoove pharmacy industry stakeholders to take a look at the American Pharmacists Association’s “new and improved” website.

Developed for APhA’s “Pharmacists Provide Care” campaign, the relaunched site supports the pharmacy industry’s efforts to attain health provider status for pharmacists under federal law and to promote patient access to and coverage of pharmacist-provided patient care services. serves a resource for patients and policymakers who want to learn more about the recognition of pharmacists and their services. It also provides information for pharmacists to help them get engaged and involved in the campaign., too, includes state-specific resources on the value of pharmacists as part of the patient’s health care team as well as advocacy tools to help pharmacists and patients engage in provider status efforts at the state and federal levels.

“With the start of the new 114th Congress, the pharmacy profession is optimistic that there will be federal legislation passed that will help improve patients’ access to health care through pharmacists’ services,” commented Stacie Maass, senior vice president of pharmacy practice and government affairs at APhA.



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