Arcadia’s new Opti-Nail Fungal Nail Repair brand now available at CVS and Walgreens

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BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — Arcadia Consumer Healthcare is changing the way consumers improve the appearance of fungus-damaged nails with its new Opti-NailFungal Nail Repair pen. This innovative new brand is now available at both CVS and Walgreens, in addition to Target and Publix, which launched Opti-Nail earlier this year.

“Nail fungus can result in severely discolored and damaged nails. Consumers want to improve the appearance of their nails as quickly as possible with an easy to use, no mess solution,” said Evan Bashoff, vice president of marketing at Arcadia Consumer Healthcare.

Opti-Nail is clinically proven to improve the appearance of fungus-damaged nails and has a specially designed pen with a precision-tip, no-mess applicator.  It’s also the only product that delivers visible results in just 2 days with a unique nail brightener that helps speed along results.

“Consumers now have a truly better option in Opti-Nail to improve the appearance of fungus-damaged nails. We expect to continue to build distribution as the brand is off to a strong start and we look forward to continuing to bring the best solutions to consumers,” said Bashoff.


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