At Home Viniferamine kit aids diabetes skin care

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NAPLES, Fla. — As part of its line of hospital-grade, therapeutic skin care solution, At Home Viniferamine is offering a two-step kit designed to make it easier for people with diabetes to address skin issues.

at-home-viniferamine-diabetic-skin-care-kitThe company noted that skin care is top-of-mind for many people living with diabetes, who often have skin issues that can lead to diabetic foot ulcers and, possibly, amputations. What’s more, diabetes patients often lack access to the skin and wound care products they need, and out-of-pocket expenses can be an obstacle.

The At Home Viniferamine Diabetic Skin Care Kit includes two specialized products — an antiseptic skin cleanser and a silicone skin barrier — to moisturize and protect dry, chapped or cracked skin associated with diabetes, which can become foot ulcers. At Home Viniferamine said the products’ potent, small-molecule nutritional ingredients help reduce inflammation and strengthen skin to help individuals with diabetes avoid foot ulcers.

In addition, the kit includes an educational booklet that explains how to use the products and provides important information on prevention for diabetes patients. The booklet notes that people with diabetes should inspect their feet daily — paying special attention to any calluses and cracks in the skin — to detect any problems before they become severe and get help from a health care professional early on.

At Home Viniferamine said the booklet is consistent American Association of Diabetes Educators guidelines, and it recommends that a certified diabetes educator be part of a diabetes patient’s health care team.

The At Home Viniferamine Diabetic Skin Care Kit — along with the company’s other therapeutic skin care kits — are available in the first aid aisle at more than 3,800 CVS Pharmacy stores and online at CVS.com. The kits retail for around $20.

At Home Viniferamine’s kits, designed by D. Elizabeth McCord, founder, chief executive officer and chief science officer of McCord Research Inc., also include solutions for skin issues related to incontinence, edema and radiation treatment plus fragile skin bruising, chronic dry skin, venous and antifungal skin care.


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