A new era dawns for chain drug retailing

Like the mythical phoenix, the chain drug industry finds itself in the midst of a cycle of death and rebirth. The business model that has sustained the sector for decades is now under severe strain, with relentless reimbursement pressure in the pharmacy department, declining store traffic, and increased competition from traditional rivals and e-commerce retailers

Mobile is the starting point for every technology conversation

The use of technology to improve the shopping experience is on the rise, and the conversation about technology at retail must begin with mobile. Ten years ago, shoppers seeking product information and inspiration would search online from their desktop, browse a paper catalog or traverse the aisles. However, in just seven short years (2011 to

Experimentation is key to keeping drug chains relevant

It’s hard to believe that at one time, chain drug was so entrenched in business as usual that mail-order pharmacies were considered an existential threat to the channel. Despite increasing competition, the best chains have evolved, and have shown a willingness to push the boundaries of both their physical and virtual footprints to remain relevant

With ‘Amazonization’ of health care, what’s next for retailers?

Americans’ relationship with health today is markedly different from what it was a few years ago. Shaped and modernized by changes in technology, society and the economy, this relationship continues to change at an increasingly rapid pace, creating new health realities for businesses. A 2017 Global Monitor study found that 82% of global consumers agree

Taking actions to support patients over a longer flu season

Significant winter storms; heavy snow accumulation; hazardous cold; record rainfalls. About the only soft spot for much of the country this winter has been the low incidence of flu. The IRI Illness Tracking solution, which maps the progress of six common ailments — including flu, respiratory ailments and seasonal allergies — indicates that the traditional

Using data to reduce negative drug interactions

A patient died. He was under a physician’s care for rheumatoid arthritis (and other conditions). When his RA got worse, he doubled his weekly dose of methotrexate without informing his physician, who had just begun treating the patient with amoxicillin for an infection and was adding leflunomide, another antirheumatic drug, to the treatment. The increased

Establish higher brand value in a ‘prosumer’ world

Building a modern consumer brand value requires a deep understanding of how consumers process information from a multitude of brand interactions. We all know that consumer demographics are changing fast. But as Millennials become the dominant group, and a rapidly growing cohort of Generation Z peers follows close behind, what’s the impact on companies looking

How will the CBD craze impact your business?

The cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) craze presents both risk and opportunity to the U.S. drug store channel. Striking the interest of curious consumers, the mainstreaming of CBD could be ushering in a new era of ailment treatment, where major pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens have begun to respond to consumer demand by announcing the

Alphega Rx network empowered by WBA

MONTE CARLO, Monaco — Retail pharmacies are confronted with the challenge of making profound changes at an unprecedented pace. Demographic trends, cost pressures, and advances in heath care science and technology compel pharmacy chains and independents alike to rethink their business model and their relation to patients and business partners. Walgreens Boots Alliance is in

CBD and mass retail: a perspective from the trenches

There is no doubt that CBD is top of mind with retailers these days. Indeed, an analysis of retailer activity on ECRM’s RangeMe product discovery platform shows that CBD is by far the most commonly searched term by retail buyers and category managers, particularly among the categories of vitamins and supplements, topicals, beverages and pet.

Something is rotten with e-commerce food sales

Online grocery shopping was once considered a fresh concept. But it appears to be quickly spoiling. If you look at the latest headlines: Walmart and Google have suspended their partnership for same-day delivery, Amazon grocery sales appear to have stalled, and scores of other companies in the space are struggling. Retailers are finding it virtually

Megatrends are shaping health across national borders

Megatrends are shifts in behaviors or attitudes globally impacting industries over the long term. Euromonitor International has identified eight mega­trends currently disrupting a wide range of sectors. Of the eight, healthy living, connected consumers and premiumization are having the biggest influence on the consumer health industry. Healthy living The widespread adoption of healthier lifestyles is