AZOVA debuting Digital Healthcare Marketplace at NACDS

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SALT LAKE CITY— AZOVA announced Thursday its plans to debut the first ever Digital Health Marketplace bringing consumer access to pharmacy clinical services this month during National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) TSE Conference. AZOVA is the world’s most comprehensive Digital Health Platform, a middleware for healthcare providers, pharmacists, patients, employer groups and payers. As an innovator in the consumer-driven digital health industry, AZOVA is helping change the face of health care to the benefit of everyone.

AZOVA benefits pharmacies who are experiencing shrinking profits as a result of uncontrollable DIR fees, rising payment adjudication fees, and e-prescribing fees by enabling pharmacies to diversify their revenue models. Through the AZOVA Digital Health Marketplace, any pharmacy can quickly plug in to the digital health ecosystem and offer clinical services direct to the consumer while also enabling communication, collaboration, secure record sharing and co-management of patients’ healthcare needs with any healthcare provider. AZOVA is offering free enrollment for all pharmacies to join its Digital Health Marketplace and make their clinical services available to the consumer. The company has rolled out a 20K in 2020 vision, expecting to implement more than 20,000 retail and non- retail pharmacies, physicians, behavioral health providers and health and wellness providers by the end of 2020.

AZOVA’s overarching objective is to globalize, mobilize and streamline access to any clinical service delivered by any provider through its HIPAA compliant, Digital Health Marketplace. Patients, pharmacies, employer groups, providers and payers can now truly collaborate in patient care.

Ashton Maaraba, AZOVA, senior vice president, enterprise sales and retail operations said, “A profound point of differentiation for AZOVA is our ability to enable pharmacies of any size and in any community to scale their clinical services programs and the number of prescriptions and service requests they receive through the consumer-facing marketplace. AZOVA is on a path to becoming the preferred delivery vehicle for digital health solutions. The marketplace technology is rapidly scalable offering access to patients through a seamless, organized and efficient user interface.”

AZOVA has built an important bridge for patients and consumers to locate, select, purchase, complete important healthcare assessments and receive treatment to address their healthcare issues in a faster, more accessible fashion than any other platform that exists today. “With AZOVA’s Digital Health Platform, pharmacists are now equipped to extend service delivery and interface with patients and their providers” said, Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting, chief executive officer.

The AZOVA marketplace is designed to scale value-based care and chronic disease management programs with a direct channel to pharmacy and physicians into professional workflow and technology solutions. AZOVA has created a journey that enables the patient to access any clinical service offered by the pharmacist in less than three minutes.



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